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The "Chris Krambo Memorial Scholarship for Tech Track"
In Remembrance of LACHSA's Tech Track Founder

Chris Krambo, Tech Track Founder
Chris Krambo touched the lives of so many LACHSA students, parents, and staff. For more than ten years, he went the extra mile on every LACHSA production he ever worked on to make sure the students had everything they needed to put on a good show. In fact, it was almost a production tradition to watch Mr. Krambo go into a warp speed frenzy of pinning, sewing, and taping costumes right before curtain, but somehow, he always pulled it off in the nick of time!

Beyond the work, it is his humanity and compassion that will be remembered most. He was overjoyed when a student had a success, teared up every time he was given flowers on performance closing nights, always provided an understanding ear for both students and parents, and graduation would start pulling on his heart strings months before the actual event.

In this world, there are few who cross our path that give so much of themselves and offer so much empathy towards others. These encounters are a gift and Mr. Krambo, we will treasure the gifts you gave us.

The "Chris Krambo Memorial Scholarship for Tech Track" has been created to remember his legacy and as a way for Mr. Krambo to continue helping his beloved tech track students, which meant the world to him for so many years.

Please help us honor his memory.
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"Love Krambo to the ends of the Earth as his student and later his colleague. His talent, energy, and light will live on <3 Rest in peace to the backbone of design and tech for our LACHSA community." love always, Catalina Adragna

"In memory of a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend to many." Michelle Higgs
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