Keeping a Brilliant Legacy Alive!
Founding Visual Arts Chair, Joseph Gatto's Scholarship

LACHSA is forever grateful for the contributions made to our school by our founding Visual Arts Chair, Mr. Joseph Gatto. In his memory, the LACHSA Alumni Network has established the Joseph Gatto Memorial Scholarship to ensure the annual remembrance of his legacy.

We invite you to join us in honoring Joe Gatto by making a donation to his scholarship fund and participating in this annual tribute. Winners are chosen by the LACHSA Visual Arts Department teachers.

Memories of Joe

I remember when Joe came to my house for dinner and my wife worried that he might not like the art work on the walls. Joe senses how nervous she was as she kept taking furtive looks at the paintings and checking to see how Joe was reacting to the art. After a while he walked around the living room, dining room, and kitchen commenting on the art and describing all the good details he observed. What a relief! 
- Jerry Freedman

Mr. Gatto, I remember being in your figure drawing class when you said that one day we would have the technology to draw in space, to pull lines right off the paper plane. You said to imagine that happening right then with the drawing tool. 
- Malaika Latty

Mr. Gatto, Your teachings and approach to life -- professionalism, passion, humor -- will remain with us always, no matter where we are, what we're doing, or how much we age. Everything you have taught us, through those amazing classes and by being who you are, we will carry on for the rest of our lives. - Kei Matsuoka

Joe Gatto, thank you for putting your energy & wisdom to such great use. Your tireless contributions to the arts in Los Angeles & LACHSA present a powerful role model for anyone. - Peter Lasell

Mr. Gatto, I'm glad to have you in my memories; you reeeeeeeeeaally PUSHED me to focus myself (adhd), and consistently defended me, had my back during some of the hardest years of my life. I owe you back the fruits of your labor, and some stories to crack you up. I owe you a lot. Thank you for being here, and there, with me and us. - Lydia Hoover

Joe was such a force leading the Visual Arts Department those 3 years I got to learn and work with him back '89-'92. - Jay Lazo-Chuang