As with all artists, there is always something that ignites a spark.  Erin’s was not just in dance but in costuming as well.

Erin Hirsh D/93
The movies Fame and Flashdance sparked my passion for dance. I used to watch them on repeat! What fueled my passion for costuming was conversations with my grandmother. She was a textile designer in the thirties and loved talking about combinations of color. I used to call her when I was choreographing dances and we would discuss the tone and intention of the piece and come up with the costumes color palette together.”

Erin attended LACHSA as a dance student and performed professionally in New York before becoming a costume designer.  “After LACHSA I moved to New York and graduated from SUNY PURCHASE with a BFA in dance. I never imagined I would do anything else in my life but dance but... life is full of twists and turns[…]
I was at a crossroads in my dance career and I naively decided I wanted to become a stylist because I enjoyed the process of costuming my dance pieces.”   Clearly this was a wise decision as Erin is currently the Head Costume Designer for NBC’s The Voice and currently has two Emmy nominations to her name.

Light-up Jacket and glasses worn by Kanye West during
his Emmy performance of "Stronger."

Erin has designed many pieces that have become icons in both the fashion and entertainment industries.  One design was a collaboration with Kanye West and NASA engineers to design a light up jacket and glasses.  These pieces were worn during West’s Grammy performance of “Stronger” and now have a permanent home at the Grammy Museum.

Though being an artist in any field is challenging, Erin has learned that “work ethic and perseverance pays off.”  She admits the going into costuming was not part of her original plan but sees her trajectory in a positive light.

“I'm a firm believer of having your eye on a goal but more than that I believe the key personal success is remaining open-minded. You never know what unexpected opportunities are around the corner.”  Erin has worked with a plethora of celebrities and critically acclaimed directors including Rhianna, Gnarls Barkely, David Lynch, and Spike Jonze.

Many alumni have achieved immense success and most look back on their days at LACHSA as a major influence.

“My time at LACHSA was life changing. I felt so privileged to be able to wake up and get to do what I loved to do everyday. Had I not gone to LACHSA I think the trajectory of my life would have been quite different. Having had the exposure to the plentitude of culture and art in high school definitely helped shape me into the artist I am today.”  She says the best thing she learned was “how to think like an artist, regardless of the medium, and solve creative problems in unconventional ways.”

When she’s not working, Erin’s favorite past time is spending time with her son.  And when asked if she’d ever considered a profession outside of the arts she simply laughs and says, “Haha..never.”