Like many LACHSA artists, Lauren found her passion for dance at an early age. I started dancing when I was 4 so I can’t remember my life without dance.” As a teenager she spent four years at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts where her art was nurtured and developed.  My time at LACHSA was one of the best times of my life. My favorite teacher had to be Mr. Francisco Martinez. Not only did he make ballet fun but I loved being around him.”

Her journey after LACHSA is one of remarkable resilience and determination.  “My journey after LACHSA started off rough. I thought I wasn’t going to dance and study business. What was I thinking?! Once I realized what a horrible Idea that was, I jumped around to different schools trying to figure out where I belonged. I ended up at El Camino College in Torrance which ended up being perfect for me. It's the reason why I am living my dream right now.”

Lauren has had a successful career dancing on stage, on TV, and all over the world.   She has performed on the television show The Doctors, in Jubilee in Vegas, and for Norwegian Cruise Line.  She is currently a performer in the award winning show Vegas! The Show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Lauren Clark on the cover of "What's On"

“Out of high school I thought I wasn’t good enough to make a career dancing. There was a teacher I had in college who was constantly encouraging her students to go to auditions so I took her advice and started going. At these auditions I realized that I was good enough and I started booking work.”

Going on auditions is just part of a performer’s career. However, one audition surprised her when she was cast to perform in a production of 42nd Street. “When you think you can’t sing and you go to a “42nd Street” audition, which is your first musical theatre audition and book it - Then you make it through the rehearsals learning all the songs and somehow sing in front of an audience. Getting through that felt pretty awesome!”

In addition to Lauren’s many accomplishments she has also encountered major struggles.  She has been diagnosed with cancer, has had her breasts removed, and has undergone chemotherapy.  However, the love and support she received from her co-workers, family, and friends was amazing.  “I had so much support from my show especially the cast. Not only that I had so much support from all of the performers in Vegas. There were so many fundraisers put together for me by performers.”  One fundraiser was created on GoFundMe and resulted in $20,000 raised so that Lauren could have her eggs extracted and not risk them being damaged during her chemo treatments.

Through all of this, Lauren continues to dance and never misses a beat.  She embodies a level of commitment to herself and her art not often found.  “After my second chemo treatment I started doing the show during the time I felt well enough. My treatments were every 3 weeks and I usually felt well during my 3rd week so I would work during that week. I would take 2 weeks off then work for a week traveling back and forth from LA to Vegas for treatments.” 

Committed to doing what she loves, it is beyond impressive all she has been able to accomplish.  “The hardest part of being a dancer is the fact that my body is my tool. Fighting cancer and going through chemo while still trying to be a dancer showed me just how important every aspect of my physical health is to my career.”

Lauren is an inspiration to all and a shining example for LACHSA alumni.  Moreover, she sums up her love of dance in the most beautiful way: “The most satisfying part of my job is going out on the stage every night and performing in front of an audience that enjoys watching me enjoy myself.” 

Cheers, Lauren! Here’s to a life-long career of audiences enjoying you enjoy yourself!

Interested in seeing Lauren perform? You can find more information about the Vegas! The Show at